Partying and reasons for doing so…

The Beagles won 12:1 in Bradford on Thursday night and we have safely returned to Edinburgh at stupid o’clock in the morning. Unfortunately Friday is also the day of Jenny’s magical creature party which I would normally just ignore and use the valuable time gained by doing so for sleeping. Yet I have spent monies and put effort into making my costume and I intend to show it off! I have decided to go for Vin and I am happy with the decision. My mum gave me an amazing tip on how to put my cloak together and it took no time at all. Other equipment will unfortunately remain unfinished or missing but I did what I could with the little time I had.

Well the party ended up being a total disaster for the following reasons:
– my rogue top, which is btw amazing, didn’t arrive until Saturday morning
– my pants were pants!!!
– for once, Edinburgh failed to be windy (or misty), this would have been a great advantage when taking photos under streetlights, the misty look would have been produced by itself and there would have been no requirement for me fluffing up my cloak like a hen in heat! We will have to have another go at this!
– Benji was too tall to be a dwarf!!! (I never thought this possible!)
– Whiski kept eating my misty cloak and throwing up!
– only one person recognised me,

Here’s a photo:

Fairies, Goblins, Dwarfs, Wizards and Elves!

This is the name (and theme), of a birthday party I have been invited to by a friend of Whiski’s. And it’s on Friday Fraiday! Aaaaah!

I don’t have a costume, or much money to spare, it’s too cold for a mermaid and to early for a vodyanoy! Having recently started re-reading Terry Pratchett, I was thinking I could be a Discworld character, but nothing amazing comes to mind at the moment and I think I will leave that one for the next magical party.
I have an amazing cloak from Claire though. It’s meant to be a Winterfell grey but it’s the perfect colour of moon and mist instead. That leaves me with two options:

  • Vin (Mistborn) the Skaa girl from a book I started reading about a week ago or
  • Tyrande Whisperwind, the World of Warcraft leader of the Night Elves

True, Vin is neither of the above but it fits my hairstyle, all I need is a little bit of soot. And a Mistborn cloak (or an addition to my amazing mist-cloak). Oh and some rogue clothing…
For Tyrande I could use a blue wig, pink body paint, make some cardboard weapons and maybe try and find a white dress in a charity shop?

Anyway here are the two of them, what to do, what to do?


Hello Wieners!

Where do I start?

So much stuff has happened in the last few days, so I will just sum it up quickly, to stop me from writing tons of stuff: I found and repossessed a shopping trolley, we got the keys to our new amazing flat on Marchmont Road and moved most of our stuff, Adam left, I made an important decision, Helle broke her tail (bone) and now Hellipp can’t bang bang bangity bang for 6 weeks, I went to a hockey party on Friday, we threw an amazing party that lacked nothing but black light, and only just on Saturday, I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, David projectile – threw – up on his Teddy ClaireBear, I changed batteries in a CO alarm in the flat that kept going off throughout the night, we cleaned the crap out of our old flat twice in 24 hours, I discovered I might be diseased with a tick bite, I started considering calling up the Revenue Office and registering for self-emloyment, I finally went and registered with a GP round the corner, I peed on my hand, my story didn’t win the competition so I have to resubmit and I finally got a reply from a possible distant relative in the US…

Also, it’s Hallowe’en today!!! Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

Shine, Moon, Shine!

After the great success of last year’s mermaid costume, I have decided to take the festivities seriously again this Hallowe’en. I had picked a costume a long time ago, and have kind of started collecting material for it. By collecting I may or may not mean buying expensive boots on amazon because they fit into my costume.

As I have been emotionally intimidated by the evil protagonist of Karel Jaromír Erben’s famous poem Vodník as a child, I have decided to go as one of these creatures. The English (and apparently Russian) name is Vodyanoy or The Water Goblin. It’s a guy who lives underwater, usually wears a green coat, a green hat and red boots. In children’s stories, they tend to be funny, friendly fellows that pop out of the water to return an important usb device that fell out of one’s pocket while walking over a bridge, yet in reality they are evil. Just ask Erben. They prey on helpless water seeking tourists and maidens, drown them, and store their souls under upside down porcelain cups, although I have never found out whether this is just a disturbing hobby or a survival necessity. With maidens, they usually just marry them and father children on them. I think they don’t obey the law of the countries they live in, so polygamy would be possible but let’s face it, how many maidens do their laundry in the lakes these days?

The only problem with my costume is that here in the West, no one has really heard of this popular character of Slavic mythology, so I will end up being a misunderstood zombie-like weirdo with a cup. They are about to learn something new I guess.

So far I have collected a few items for my costume: the boots that I have mentioned before, some pretty seaweed all the way from Mull to either put on my hat or make accessories out of, stripy red and white tights. And I’m about to look around for a green bush hat.
I am particularly excited about trying out coloured lenses for the first time in my life. I am going for violet, as it seems like a good colour for someone who lives underwater, judging by how pink the whites of my eyes get when I open them for swimming. Also, I am hoping to ask the make-up artist Claire to make me look a bit drowned.
The pants will be the most challenging part. I might have to sew some up, like last year, which brings me to the climax of my post:

Sviť, měsíčku, sviť, ať mi šije niť.