eBay schmeBay!

So I decided to take advantage of Benji being an absolute brain and having gone to Stanford, CA, for a symposium on robotics for about 10 days and ordered stuff I badly need for the present for his upcoming birthday. By upcoming I mean ‘in December’. Ordered it last Wednesday, hoping that 1 or 2 working days was an exaggeration as I didn’t want it to get there before Benji even left. Alas, it was an exaggeration but not the good kind! The stuff still hasn’t arrived and there’s only 3 working days left before the cookie monster penguin-walks his way back!

Be that is it may, I’ve been rubbing this present in his face for a very long time now and I do worry that it will not stand up to the expectations. Especially since he already thinks nothing can beat last year’s present. Boo!
But here is a little clue for you, just so you’re more confused: dates (numbers? romance? fruit? who knows?)
I don’t know if there will be any more clues, there might, there might not!

Apart from that I have bought tickets for Ireland for 15th-18th June for me, Benj and my friend Barbora. We were thinking west coast, the best coast there is. Let’s hope it will be nice and sunny.

And that my parcel arrives soon!

Here is Philipp’s wine glass present treat: (photo to be replaced at a later point with a better one)

He often gets kicked out of Opium!!! (For being drunk, this is particularly funny because NOONE EVER gets kicked out of Opium)
Too much booze or just stealing socks? (Philipp is a notorious sock thief!)
From the long walk home Philipp understands
the life of an inner city fox. (Refers to a story of how he stayed in Glasgow with Helle’s friend Maarja, got home after  a conference, drunk once more, and told Maarja a story about how he followed a fox and was now familiar with the ‘inner life of a city fox’… where the change of word order occured I do not know…)

Birthday whining!

This post is all about birthday whine glasses. Whine glasses are glasses the primary purpose of which is to drink wine from them, while being whined at, from the glass itself, by me. Ok not really but that’s the closest I can get to explain why I entitled the article Birthday whining. I just did, and now there’s trouble! Gah!

Anyways, our household seems to have a reputation for broken wine glasses and a very angry Helle in consequence, so I have decided to make personalised glasses for everyone in order to a/ have more wine glasses and b/ finally determine who is doing all the breaking and then redirect Helle’s wrath (and whines – oh yeah… lightbulb!) in their general direction. This obviously won’t work if Helle keeps drinking her horrible green algae stuff from glasses that are not her own.

To be fair, poor Helle doesn’t have a glass of her own yet, as her birthday is not until June.

Here are the glasses of the few lucky ones who’s birthdays happened to happen since I had the idea:

Claire, 22nd December…

Her name is Clairette de Die (It’s a name of a wine and Claire’s nickname.)
smelly cheeses are her cloud nine (She’s French and likes cheese.)
She’s the No.1 of kidings, (Oh, kidings are a story on its own, but basically its franglish)
er aksent goes well wiz zis wine. (Again, she’s French.)

Ok, this one was a bit hurried as I had to make it before the big trip to South Africa and leave it hidden for Claire.

Benji, 27th December:

In his secret basement lab
his female robots get covered in smooches
and bake him cookies with their massive hands. (This is all Benji… chicks, robots, cookies… the android robots do have big hands, which is very scary.)
Benji likes kittehs a lot more than pooches. (This is just a fact.)

More to come with everyone’s birthdays… possibly featuring blue moustaches, board games, meercowls and inner city foxes!