And so the trip begins…

Paris Roissy, 21:51 local time
I’m setting at CDG airport checking out the huge fuckoff plane. It’s so freaking massive that I wonder how it stays up.

Also imagine being a birdie cruising around when this thing makes an appearance… Ouch!

I’m also starving. The small salad at Edinburgh airport that I got from my hockey mate Stepan who works in EAT was only meant to sustain me until the plane where I was hoping to get further alimentation. Unfortunately what they provided was biscuits. I was hungry again by the time I left the aircraft but guess what. This country runs on euros! The shitty little euros which are about to crash and burn and crumble any minute now. While I’m in possession of pounds stirling straight out of good conservative Britain and I am going to starve here anyway!
My stomach has been well upset since this morning, as a result of last nights hockey debaucheries and as much as I would like to savour plane alcohol, which is free and therefore has no calories or units, I’m afraid I will not be able to. I wish I’d thought of that last night.

Introducing Beagles, Phoenixes, Drakes and other sports…

My uni ice-hockey team, the Edinburgh Beagles, beat the Hull Ice Hogs 3:1 in the season opener game last Wednesday night at Murrayfield Ice Rink.
My reccy ice-hockey team, the Edinburgh Phoenix, beat Edinburgh Lions 12:0 last Friday night.
I am only going to post about the games that either involve the Beagles (woof!), or ones I have actually played.

Also a major miscalculation on my part caused me to sign up for gym (I thought I was going to break even after four visits a months but actually it’s six), now if I don’t want to gym on weekends or hockey days that basically comes up to every second weekday. *sigh*

I neglected my blog yesterday. Shame on me! I got involved in yet another geeky role playing iPhone game. This one is called Earth and Legend and to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t compare with Aralon, my previous addiction. It has very few side quests that would help the character gain experience and is quite unbalanced in that the character must keep killing a weaker animal over and over again for no other reason than levelling up in order to possibly get another quest. Man, the number of wolves I have slaughtered last night… Went from level 11 to 20 on wolves only, there was no other way.
And I have to admit, I did like the funky hair colours available for the Aralon characters!
I yet have to decide which game’s graphics in prefer. Here they are:


I am over that now and ready to face another blogging week.
Although my flatmate Philipp seems to have just got a game I could get seriously addicted to… *sigh*

Ramblings of a weekend…

One of the most unproductive weekends of my lifetime is over. I did do a lot of work but not really towards my personal benefit. Unless we’re counting getting the deposit for 11/5 Marchmont Road back of course. My flatmates and I spent most of Sunday rendering the old flat sparkling clean. It was a dull and tiring day except for two instances: the cookie break and the discovery of a creepy sign in the boxroom:

In a year and a half for me, and even more for some of my flatmates, we hadn’t noticed it, despite the very bad painting job that was meant to hide the letters. Maybe the dysfunctional light fitting in the boxroom wasn’t an coincidence after all?
We have theories on how this happened, we also have theories on where the bodies are hidden, although they are now someone else’s problem as we are handing the keys back today!!! Goodbye old flat, I will miss you! Long live the new flat!

Here’s a different kind of painting.
While watching (or more like seeing while in a pub) a game of soccer, I expressed the desire to see the advertising Gillette signs in the grass from a different angle, as I suppose they would be distorted. As a reaction to that, the 3D pavement paintings by Julian Beever were brought to my attention and I find them fascinating. When these paintings are viewed from a particular angle, they show a mind blowing 3D scene, from any other spot they are distorted possibly unrecognisable blots of paint. Somehow I feel that they have something vaguely to do with my Masters thesis and generally my field of interest when it comes to art and architecture, virtuality and illusion of 3-dimensional spaces.


While it’s obvious that the second painting is enclosed within the square area defined by the top bricks, the grasshopper must be, in reality, sprawled all over the street. I would like to see it in real life (way more than the lousy Gillette sign).
Another mentionable artist who does similar things is Edgar Mueller. For an example of his work, a really impressive apocalypse in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, check the Picture of the Week.
The working out of the geometry for these must be crazily interesting. It reminds me of the cylinder mirror illusions.

While looking around I found another artist who works with a similar setup of one viewing spot, illusion and paint. It’s Liu Bolin, the guy in the following image, also nicknamed The Invisible Man.