Wedding art

Someone I know is getting married! I will not comment on the marriage itself as I really hope it will work out for them regardless. And to be fair I think it just might…

But the most exciting thing about the wedding (obviously only for me anyway) apart from party times and interpreting (yay?) is that I got asked to design the wedding invitations / announcements!
They are meant to be elegant and in the pearly pink and creamy white. But i’m kind of thinking that something interactive would be cool! I was thinking a jigsaw puzzle, an origami thing, a pop up, a music card… eventually I thought of an idea that might be more elegant than all the others… maybe I could figure out a way to make a little tree grow on it over time.

I was thinking of pregnancy tests (that is appropriate right?) and the way the pee goes up the tube and then colours a stripe for good news and two stripes for bad. I thought it would be cool if there could be a little tree that would get coloured in this way. I would obviously try to avoid everyone having to pee on the card.
The problem is that pregnancy tests work on hormones. If the pregnancy hormone is present, it will bind to enzymes that catalyse a colour reaction or some such. I’d rather not use enzymes on the card either.

But using the capillary action seemed like a good idea. I decided to research this on the interweb and this is what I found; Oscar Diaz’s Ink Calendar:

First I thought the tree wouldn’t be visible at all, a pregnancy test tree, but really, a faint outline wouldn’t spoil anything. It might even make it more interesting. But what are the materials used? And how to put an ink cartridge on a wedding announcement card and still keep it elegant? That is a challenge I am facing now and any tips or ideas would be much appreciated.

I might go and run a few experiments now…