Kindling good…

I got a Kindle!!! Hooray!

Benji counterscooped my mum and got me a shiny new Kindle as a pre-birthday present! Curiously enough it arrived on my nameday! That worked out perfectly!

The Kindle is great! In the end I decided to go for the simple and cheap one, when I realised it did have a keyboard option after all. Not a touch one to be sure, it’s a 5-way controller, but the comments option is there and the keyboard isn’t and that is all I wanted. Also it is much less hassle and money than importing it from the States. Kindle Touch was also meant to be more sluggish.
The report and comparison of the three Kindles, that helped me in my decision, can be found here.

Kat’s Kindle looks like the pages are printed and getting books off the internet is really easy! It can be done from the Kindle itself, or I could just be browsing the net at work getting things and when I get home and turn my Kindle on they automatically get downloaded onto it, usually within a few seconds! I could probably do the same from my iPhone app but I have yet to figure that out.

And one of the most amazing things, to a dandelion mind like mine, is the way the screensaver is always on! You switch the kindle off and a picture materialises (yes, from ink material) on the screen. It’s usually an artsy-fartsy image of pens, pencils, printing press letters, typewriters… I heard a crazy theory that once you’ve got some books downloaded onto it, the front covers of those can also become screensavers but it hasn’t happened yet. Either way, the screensaver mode consumes no battery and it lovely and this fascinates me!

I have downloaded a few books and a fantasy magazine and the reading has begun. The first magazine referred me to some new fantasy books that I now want to download as well. I just need to make sure I don’t start spending crazy amounts of money now!

In other news, the Halftone and Photoshop pictures of things other than cats are now online and running. You can find them here.
Again, they are “crafts”. How sad!

There’s a few submission deadlines for Aevelynn Frost this Wednesday, and a new story on the way, but I doubt it will be done by then, or within the word limit.

Kindle contemplations

I’m getting a Kindle! Hooray!

The only problem is that I need to decide which one. And to buy it. It’s a present from my mum, after she successfully scooped my friend Benji and gave me precious Euros for one.

I have looked up comparison charts and here’s one of the simple ones:

Amazon offers the second and the third but the ones that are listed as US only can apparently be ordered from there anyway.

Personally I like the fourth one, Kindle Touch, the most, I like the idea of a keyboard because I want to be able to take notes (I probably won’t but I’d like to have the option) and a physical keyboard seems to be a thing of the past. (Yes, I now have an iPhone and I actively despise Blackberries, I think they are the shame of modern phoneworld and should really be downgraded not to the category ‘phones’ but to ‘stupidphones’. They have had the audacity to take one of my favourite berries as their patron and made me boycott them in my cheesecakes. They should be dipped in tar and rolled over in feathers. They make me angry!)

Anyway. Physical keyboard (the waste of space that could be used by the screen) however small its Kindle ratio to the screen is (as opposed to Blackberry ratio) is rubbing me the wrong way. The touch screen one is what I would prefer and the price is also more acceptable, however I think I can expect a steeper delivery fee.
The thing that concerns me, and this is only because I have never used one before, is that I don’t know how much the americanisation will show on a Kindle. Will it be in imperial? In Fahrenheit? A Kindle is not an iPhone and I don’t suppose there are actual apps that would operate with these units. But should there be anything like that, it would annoy me no end. American movies are set to a different region to the European ones. I guess this is also not something a Kindle owner should concern himself with but what if there’s another such technological atrocity that I am missing or that I don’t know about???

Am I just being stupidly OCD? Any feedback welcome…