London calling!

I will be moving down to London for work next Friday! Yay!

Yay for work, not London. London is scary! But the new job sounds amazing even though that three month trial period now looms above me like a dark shadow, or a pampoulon!

Flats in zone 4 where I will be working seem very affordable, even comparable to Edinburgh, but to be fair I haven’t seen any so can’t compare objectively, we shall see on the 7th. It’s a good thing most of my packing was done when we were moving to Meadowbank about a month ago!
Once I’ve moved I will spend a lot of free time studying and making sure I stay for longer than three months, also covering up the lack of friends, as this looks like an amazing opportunity to grow professionally, get ready for part III, become a good archimatect…

To this end I have bought a Toshiba laptop, which prompted two different companies to check on me telephonically so it must have been a good move! It should arrive in the next few days!

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