Benjamin’s Great Surprise

Just rubbing this in…

The picture of the week is really not a clue. I googled ‘Benjamin’s Great Surprise’ and clicked on images. Then I picked the one that reminded me of Benji the most. So if that confused you Benji, even for a minute, good! That was intentional.

Just a little update on your treasure hunt coming along reasonably well, with 4 present ideas for now. And here’s a clue to add to your two existing ones (one was mentioned on here, the other purely oral… giggity): ‘Germany’

Also, just a little update on everything I want to put in here but don’t quite have enough interesting material to actually do it:
Mum is coming over in September and we are going to Skye. I have planned a trip to Slovakia in October and we will go to a spa. I really need to get the brewing thing going as catnip is now a forest (maybe a post tomorrow). I’m going to look into online universities.

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