And so the trip begins…

Paris Roissy, 21:51 local time
I’m setting at CDG airport checking out the huge fuckoff plane. It’s so freaking massive that I wonder how it stays up.

Also imagine being a birdie cruising around when this thing makes an appearance… Ouch!

I’m also starving. The small salad at Edinburgh airport that I got from my hockey mate Stepan who works in EAT was only meant to sustain me until the plane where I was hoping to get further alimentation. Unfortunately what they provided was biscuits. I was hungry again by the time I left the aircraft but guess what. This country runs on euros! The shitty little euros which are about to crash and burn and crumble any minute now. While I’m in possession of pounds stirling straight out of good conservative Britain and I am going to starve here anyway!
My stomach has been well upset since this morning, as a result of last nights hockey debaucheries and as much as I would like to savour plane alcohol, which is free and therefore has no calories or units, I’m afraid I will not be able to. I wish I’d thought of that last night.

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