Mastering away…

This morning I have put on my brand new Joe Brown’s skirt to go to work. That and a coat. I’m looking all professional and sorting the shit out of this problematic staircase.
No wonder, as I am now Kitteh McNabb, MArch, not only sexy but now also smart, I am the Master of all Architecture…

Ok, dramatic intro but I think I’ve made my point. Yesterday I received an email from ECA to say that I will be awarded the degree in a graduation ceremony in November (which I shall not go to). It is very exciting news, as I have been waiting for the results since the end of June when I handed in my thesis on A Practical Taxonomy for Virtual Architecture.
Also I can finally prove I’m still eligible for the University hockey team!

I have said it on the book of faces and I will repeat it on here… Big thanks to my friends Claire, Helle, Philipp and Dave for help and support, to Chmeli for the brain cells and constantly asking about the results, my supervisors Chris and Douglas for their guidance but most of all to Benji, my mentor and the guy who is good with words and supervisors…

So what is next? Part 3? Still working on the logbooks… Genetics? A Masters in something? English? Computer Science?

Regards to all three readers,

Kat McNabb, BA(Hons), DipArch, MArch
(I might be all of those but then again I was never good with titles so who knows…)

PS. Tomorrow I’ll probably do the Paddington Bear again…

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